Well, I did it - I actually bothered to set up a website. I assume most people reading this will have some idea who I am, but if not, here’s a very brief introduction: I’m Phil, and I make music & release it online under the name Depthbuffer. You can find links to my music and social media presences in the menu. I put all of it up on Bandcamp, and except for the odd little bonus track here & there, you can find it on most streaming services too.

One thing to know about me is I tend to approach new interests in a cycle: I’ll get into something new, focus on it to the exclusion of everything else for a few months, get sick of it (maybe even physically sick from sleepless nights of deep focus), then eventually settle down to a steady state where I’ll indulge in all my hobbies in moderation. As far as music production is concerned, I’m currently trying to get to that steady state, and also dealing with a bunch of physical & mental health issues, so work on my second album is progressing slowly.


  • I often find myself frustrated at Twitter’s character limits, as I’m rubbish at being concise, and occasionally want to write something longer-form
  • I’m intrigued by this article on “Open Synthwave”, and don’t quite know how to turn its ideas into practice yet, but figure I’ll need somewhere to dump content
  • Sometimes I might want to write little bits about my gear, process, production tips, etc., or just share something longer than single-tweet progress updates on projects
  • I recently bought my first bit of modular kit, the VCO from the new mki x es.EDU range, and plan to follow the series through to completion, which will be a whole adventure (and time sink) in itself
  • I like tech generally, not just music tech

So I set this up, and here we are.

If you really are completely new here, may I suggest my first album Pining for the Chords for a broad-strokes overview of what I’m about, my recent EP Double Super Double for fun disco talkbox times, or It Says for a taste of some of the more grown-up vibe that’ll be on the second album?