I make the bleep bloops

Black & white portrait of my face Hi! I’m Phil. I’ve been making music on & off as a hobby for the last few decades, but in early 2021, decided to take it a bit more seriously; making more of an effort to try and impart a little more artistry and production value into my work, and actually release some of it. I work out of my “home studio” in London, which is essentially a fancy way of saying “I have a MIDI keyboard and a microphone hooked up to my PC”.

My music is mostly electronic, and mostly sequenced. When I started I thought I was going to produce a mixture of synthwave and late 90s/early 2000s dance music/techno type stuff; then I started writing lyrics and realised I love it, so I write a lot of songs too. Also the weird & emotional aspects of my personality crept in, and I decided very early on that I wouldn’t try to identify strictly as any particular genre; both decisions I feel awesome about.

I started this site for several reasons. Firstly, my main social media presence is on Twitter, but I am utterly incapable of being concise, so wanted somewhere to occasionally post longer-form content. Secondly, my attention tends to come and go in cycles: I might have a laser focus on one particular thing for a few months, then take a break from it for several more before coming back to it. So the pace of my releases has definitely slowed, but I still want somewhere to create & share musical and artistic stuff, even if that stuff doesn’t take the form of a traditional single, EP, or album.

Thirdly, I’m a massive nerd. This is a hobby for me: I’m learning everything as I go, and occasionally just think something I’ve figured out is cool, and want to write about what I’m up to.